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Meet Deb & Johanna.

We came together in 2006 in our mutual happy place: working at an event for a great client in Northern California. Johanna was just at the beginning of her career in sustainable event planning and Debbie was perfecting her event planning and management skills when the gala brought us together. We hit it off right away, discovering that we share similar event design and team management styles and are essentially two sides of the same coin. And, we care more than anything about our clients and guests having a phenomenal time at their own events.  We spoke to and of our shared belief that there has to be a way to turn the event industry on its head and debunk the myth that sustainable events mean nothing more than a headache and higher costs. Sustainable events are actually BETTER for PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT and THE EVENT. It was on. We knew that together we had everything we needed to create remarkable, unforgettable, good for the world experiences down to the last detail. And that’s what we’ve been doing ever since with our stellar team of equally talented professionals. We’re on a mission to bring fun, innovative, environmentally and socially responsible ideas to everyone who wants exceptional events with a conscience and a killer good time.

2017 Update: Johanna has since moved on to another challenge, continuing to infuse care into everything she does. We miss her and support her!

Debbie Goeden

Deb Goeden has stepped into the role of CEO.                       Debbie is a…

  • Champion for the underdog
  • Biodiesel Brewer
  • Obstacle Conquerer
  • Creative Culinarian
  • Beatles Nut
  • Logistics Orchestrator

Johanna Walsh

A Tribute to          Twirl’s Founder Johanna R. Walsh.

Johanna has moved on to a new adventure!

Twirl would not be where it is today without her adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit. We remain close and support her continued success!